Helping Make Your Facility Green Through Technology.

We are part of a total facilities informational technology group that provides consulting and program management for the dynamic and ever changing fields of information technology. We help you focus on clean and green energy management through the Smart Grid and the application of securing and making facilities energy efficient.

We coach Facility Professionals on the Information technology that relates to the facility side of the enterprise. This information is made up of various "Facility Nodes" that are being acquired without any planning or foresight. Automatic Building Controls provides strategic objectives, and provides effective recommendations, helping you develop a successful plan for the future of your building or project in relationship.

Complete and Total Commissioning for the lifetime of your facility.
Our commissioning process provides our clients with a unique and new way of approaching commissioning and incorporating technology, instrumentation and software for a complete approach to facility command and control.

We link the total commissioning process to the IT enterprise.
We start from the BOD (Basis of Design) and our approach is holistic, innovative, comprehensive and most importantly OPEN. Designed to provide our clients with solutions and results, our set of services and systems provide clients with a wide range of technical and professional services assuring efficient integration and operability for an intelligent and self tuning facility thereby providing you Commissioning for a Lifetime.

Our goal is to bring your facility into a complete Open Standard where you have control. If your enterprise system is not open, expandable and in your control then we haven’t done our job!

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