Brian Wheeland
Vice President, Building Services

Brian Wheeland is the Vice President of Building Services for The Totus Group LLC and its family of technology-oriented companies, committed to developing holistic solutions for building optimization and energy efficiency.

He has been with Automatic Building Controls, Inc., since 2005, Chicagoland’s premier provider of building optimization solutions for commercial, government, hospitality and education markets.  

He primary responsibility at The Totus Group LLC includes driving service sales and maintaining service post construction. Brian is also Manager of the field service engineers and sales department and is also part of The Totus Group LLC leadership team.

Currently serving as an educational “efficiency solutions expert” for the Totus customer, Brian provides key insight on how to saving energy, and operating costs, while reducing the environmental impact. 

With over twenty years of management experience, Brain keeps focus on operational excellence and sales in manufacturing, and service-based industries. He spent his tenure working for small, midsize and Fortune 100 companies. 

Prior to joining Automatic Building Controls LLC, he worked for First Institute, Night Engineering, and Duplex Products in such roles as Director of Operations, Director of Education, and Director of Quality Control. He has won awards for serving the unemployed and disadvantaged by creating innovative training materials.    

Brian holds multiple certifications in Total Quality Management, Statistical Process Control, and Sales Techniques.  He also has a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management from Northern Illinois University.

Brian Wheeland resides in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two children. He enjoys golf, and while skiing has jumped off a 40 foot cliff.    

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management from Northern Illinois University.
TQM Certified (Total Quality Management) 
LEED Certified— for Existing Building and Project Management (In Process)

  • Efficiency Solutions
  • Performance Services
  • Sustainability Programs
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