Performance Services

The optimization of a building must allow it to perform at its best.

When that happens systems will save from 5% to 50% on energy costs. There is no one right answer when it comes to describing a high-performance optimized building. In general, a high-performance building operates on all cylinders, with each control and system functioning on every level, efficiently and consistently. A high-performance building will save you money.

Holistic Optimization on Every Level.
That is what we do.

Our Performance Services focus on providing solutions for the future of your building. A high-performance optimized building begins with energy, in part, because it accounts for approximately 70% of a building's operating expenses. We provide solutions that help you optimize your building’s Lighting, Power Usage, HVAC, and Indoor Air Quality. We believe that Energy Monitoring, Upgrades, Retrofits, Commissioning, Retro-commissioning, and Preventative Maintenance are the key ingredients to improved performance.

Optimizing a building to perform at its best requires an integrated and comprehensive approach. This happens only when a qualified team of industry professionals joins together to partner with you and your team.

Our services provide clients with a wide range of technical and professional skills that effectively integrate equipment from disparate manufacturers working with different protocols.

We maximize Open Protocols to provide you with more choices, more control, and a system with a high standard of reliability together with the reassurance that you will have a reliable source for the ongoing supply of replacement parts at a competitive price. We ensure interoperability and help meet the needs of owners and end users with integrated building management systems, balancing energy efficiency requirements, comfort demands, and political pressures. 

We provide free educational based seminars reviewing many of the techniques you can utilize for reducing energy and improving tenant comfort. Sign up today!