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How will you optimize your Building? BAS, Open BACnet, LON, Cisco...
With OPEN SYSTEMS, the choice belongs to YOU!

Today, more than any times in past, facility owners and operators have a choice in vendors with whom they wish to partner. Open protocols such as BACnet and LON allow for integration that is vendor neutral. The implementation of open protocol systems provides owners all the benefits of open competition they were lacking during the days of proprietary system installation.

Open Protocol is the Promise and the Reality.

THE PROMISE of open protocols was to allow multi-vendor systems to talk to one another and allow for greater competition for both service and additions. This sounded great and the expectations were high that this would be accomplished through an open and fair marketplace.

THE REALITY is very few systems are actually implemented within an open environment. Yes, there are multiple pieces of equipment that are tied into one platform, but that is exactly the problem. These systems or "facility nodes" are tied into one platform that is in control of the facility enterprise.

Automatic Building Controls LLC has a BACnet solution with Alerton, a LON solution with Distech, a Tridium solution with Lynxpsring, and a Connected Real Estate solution with Cisco.

We Open Systems by Maximizing Open Protocols.

We do this to provide you with more choices, more control, and a system with a high standard of reliability together with the reassurance that you will have a reliable source for the ongoing supply of replacement parts at a competitive price. We ensure interoperability and help meet the needs of owners and end users with integrated building management systems, balancing energy efficiency requirements, comfort demands, and political pressures.

Variable Frequency Drives
Variable frequency drives (VFD) allow motors responsible for moving air or liquids to run at varying speeds. Traditionally motors used to move air or fluid have either been in the off position or running at 100% power with no in between. Flow of air or liquid was controlled through other mechanical means of restriction.Roughly 65% of AC motor applications are variable speed in nature and can provide significant energy avoidance with the installation of variable frequency drives which allow motor speed to be modulated to meet the demand of the application based on varying building loads. A motor operating at 50% speed results in an energy usage reduction of 88%. ROI on a VFD installation can be in as little as six months.

Automatic Building Controls, LLC offers a variety of manufacturers to choose from including ABB, Cerus Industrial and TECO/Westinghouse.

Energy Monitoring & Verification
Energy Monitoring & Verification There is an old management adage that states, "You can't manage what you don't measure". While that philosophy has been around for ages it doesn't make it any less relevant today. If the realm of facilities management if you plan on truly managing you energy usage you better be measuring it.Measurement of energy and therefore awareness of usage habits can lead to significant savings with minimal investments. Measurement beyond the invoice from a utility company allows facility owners and managers to not only verify what they are being told they consume but also to pinpoint systems of waste within a facility.

Actuators & Valves
Actuators and valves are key components of indoor environmental control systems. As an early adapter and innovator in the installation of electronic actuators, Automatic Building Controls was one of the very first Belimo dealers in the U.S. and is still one of their premier dealers today, stocking a full line of actuators and valves from both Belimo and Honeywell.

Lighting Efficiency
Lighting accounts for up to 37% of energy consumed by a commercial facility. Traditionally lighting has not been considered a controllable building load. With the advent of new technologies over the last decade such as utilizing building automation systems for zoning and smart scheduling to digital control down to the individual light.Whether new construction or existing facility, modern lighting controls provide a great opportunity to address energy avoidance quickly and easily. Automatic Building Controls can integrate newer technology lighting system into virtually any facility, BACnet or LON systems it really doesn't matter.

Security Systems
Closed Caption TV (CCTV) and access control systems are becoming required specified far more often than in the past. Political instability and ideological differences have resulted in a level of threats to the general public never before seen. One of the best deterrents to radical actions is security and access control systems.With so many systems designed utilizing open protocols that are Internet based there is a system to fit any facility specification.

We provide a free Pre-Assessment reviewing many of the techniques you can utilize for reducing energy and improving tenant comfort. Sign up today, and one of our ABC Advantage team members will contact you on how you can save energy, and reduce your bottom line.