Operation and Maintenance Programs

Properly maintained systems are vital for running any facility.
Our Services help ensure an efficient system that will operate at optimum efficiency.

Properly maintained HVAC systems are vital for running any facility. Upwards of 40% of the energy used by a facility can be attributed to these systems. Deteriorating HVAC systems use between 15 & 30% more energy than properly maintained systems.

Effective operation and maintenance procedures are fundamentally important to protect the investment in and promised savings out of an HVAC system.

Sub-standard maintenance or incorrect operation of building systems usually results from a combination of factors. First, maintenance budgets are usually the first to be cut when money becomes tight. Second, building and maintenance personnel are often provided little or no training on how to operate these complicated systems and therefore do not  understand the ramifications on the complete system when a seemingly innocuous change is made to one portion of the system.

An effective operation and maintenance program has several key components:

•    Test system HVAC components and measure system operations
•    Increase energy avoidance
•    Provide adequate indoor air quality and comfort
•    Take all the right steps to reduce component stress and corrosion
•    Prevent redundancy in existing system
•    Correct design of installation flaws
•    Increase HVAC system safety
•    Train technicians and operators
•    Service personnel that are experts in the system
•    Establish a budget for maintenance
•    Provide service 24/7 365

Automatic Building Controls works with their clients to provide a customized preventive maintenance program that encompasses any combination of the following the following:

•    Regular scheduled preventive maintenance visits; semi-annually, quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly at four or eight hours per visit
•    Comprehensive replacement materials ordered through ABC
•    Comprehensive repair labor to cover needs beyond preventive maintenance visits
•    On-line support services through modem or web access where applicable
•    Software and database protection services
•    Formalized operator and facility employee training services

All preventive maintenance agreements include the following:

•    Preferred Customer rates for any additional projects, services, and materials for the covered systems and associated components as installed by Automatic Building Controls LLC.
•    Account Manager - A designated Account Manager will be responsible for your total Customer satisfaction.  Your Account Manager will provide or supervise the designated services and consult with you to meet your unique needs and objectives.
•    System and Service Review - Automatic Building Controls will hold an annual, formal review upon request of you or your staff to discuss the services performed during the past year and to recommend improvements and options to enhance system performance, resolve operational problems, and to meet your changing needs and objectives.
•    Hands-on Training, Operational Verification, and DDC Programming Customization/Enhancement. Scheduled visits by a qualified representative shall ensure that your staff receives valuable hands-on training and your building operates at an optimal efficiency and level of comfort.
•    Software Services - Automatic Building Controls will furnish and install manufacturer's software revisions to maintain or improve present performance within the functional capabilities of your system.  New software products shall be available for sale.
•    Master Database Protection & Storage - Automatic Building Controls will protect your database by periodically saving this information and maintaining a copy on our premises.  Database saves will be made  following all programming changes.
•    On-Line Internet or Modem Services and Technical Support - Automatic Building Controls will provide you with on-line assistance to troubleshoot your system and identify/resolve operational problems. This service requires the necessary on-line equipment to enable our personnel to remotely log-on to your system via regular voice grade phone line.  Owner shall be responsible for installation and maintenance of voice-grade phone line.
•    System and Service Log / Documentation - Automatic Building Controls will provide you with a log for you to document concerns, system problems, and other related items requiring our attention.  Each scheduled service visit shall begin with a review of this log. All scheduled and unscheduled service visits will be documented by a work order form, listing materials used and hours spent.  All work orders will be signed by an authorized client representative to verify all work completed.  For your staff's convenience, copies of all work orders and our service agreement scope will be kept in your System and Service Log.

Automatic Building Controls is dedicated to partnering with our clients to  provide the services required to ensure a high performance facility meets all the efficiencies of its original Basis of Design.