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Cloud Control and the evolving Cloud Control Languages "CCL"
by the ABC Advantage Team - Monday, July 09, 2012



"Much of my life was spent discovering the power of control languages in the newly invented direct digital control systems. With these powerful languages I was able to do what had never been done before, create relationships never imagined, and achieve amazing solutions for both operations and energy reduction - it was the best of times. For more than you would ever want to know about that view our Our Ongoing Open Control Programming Language Discussions. I feel a sense of deja vue in this month's issue Cloud Control. The reach of the data, the speed of retrieval, the interaction with anything and everything plus the ability to visualize large amounts of data quickly will allow the kids today to do what has never been done before, create relationships never imagined, and achieve amazing solutions for both operations and energy reduction - it is the best of times. One of the advantages of spending five decades in an industry is the ability to see history repeat itself. Building to Cloud to Building "B2C2B" will revolutionize Building Control as the control languages of DDC did in the early 1980’s. It will allow new relationships and interactions to be created with internet anywhereness and everybuddyness {OK I just made that word up even Google cannot find it} but allowing input from a greater audience. Early control languages opened the dialog to only a few that understood the control languages, but Cloud Control Languages opens the dialog to all stakeholders via web robots and online generated visualizations of results. It is now clear the evolving Cloud Control Languages "CCL" and easy to use robots will leapfrog augmenting existing control languages while greatly extending the reach of the control strategies beyond the building. Concepts such as OpenADR, interaction with time of day billing, real time weather reactions, analyzed input from social media etc. will become the norm.

Last month’s well-read article spoke to this “the technology imbeds customer business rules and objectives (energy, maintenance, comfort and sustainability) directly into the suite of solutions. Through their automated technology they determine the optimal operational balance that is unique to a facility.”
In this month's article Using G-Bots to Detect Defects Terry Casey describes using Elemental Analysis, Rules Engines and Particularly G-Bots, a revolutionary Remote Service Delivery Technology
From this article more insight to evolving cloud control; A Holistic Approach to Building Operations Ideally, CEMS can integrate multi-vendor systems into one monitored environment supported through a single platform from which users can control all of the other systems. This vendor-agnostic capability to integrate and manage from a single platform is the true value of today’s emerging CEMS offerings, as the approach allows for legacy component integration as well.

I have got to admit I did not see this cloud connection with control coming; scan the Code from the unit of equipment and immediately pull up the relevant information required for maintenance, management and troubleshooting. In the future, DGLogik envisions QR codes becoming an integral part of mobile BMS applications and will continue to offer users this technology as a standard piece of the design toolkit."


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